Smart Home Theaters

Home theaters have recently become more popular in households. More people are interested in bringing the traditional movie theater experience home so that they can avoid the high prices, dodge the noisy snickers, skip through previews or pause to use the bathroom in the comfort of their own home.

Hands Free

Having a smart home theater truly rounds out the movie experience because it is usually automated or hands-free. You can program the room to display lights a certain way or automatically connect to your Bluetooth devices. And if you decide to manually dictate commands, you can control all the room’s functions without having to leave your seat.

All In One System

Smart home theaters improve ease and accessibility by organizing all your theater’s functions into one system, allowing you to control everything in your theater with a smartphone or tablet. By operating as a home automation “assistant” to help you run your theater, it can turn different devices on and off and manage certain controls and inputs.

Universal Remote

The system is compatible with both TVs and projectors, acting as a universal remote from your smartphone, controlling the on/off functions and changing the volume or channel.

Tip #1:

Incorporate as many devices
as you want into your smart
home theater

Smart home theaters can connect to many different devices like DVD players, sound systems and even gaming consoles such as the PS4 or a computer.

You can easily turn your home theater into a hands-free movie theater while consuming content through your TV, music player, gaming station, or computer monitor. In this way, the home theater becomes the hub of technology in your household. Connect it to your AirPlay, Bluetooth or even your Pandora or Spotify account. A smart home theater system is ideal for both a small family gathering or a large party.

Tip #2:

Connect your smart home theater
system with your smart lights

One of the most obvious and intuitive combinations of smart home systems is connecting your theater with your lights. Pairing these two together helps create a more realistic theater atmosphere. When a movie begins, you can program your lights to dim. When your movie ends, the lights can brighten. You can also customize the commands further to incorporate voice controls, so that when you say something like, "begin the movie," the systems turn off the lights and turn on the movie. This helps round out your theater experience so that you feel like you are in a real movie theater.

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