Smart Home Locks

Smart locks, in addition to other products like security cameras and smart doorbells, are some of the most popular security products on the market right now, and for good reason.


If you are worried about complications between your smart lock and your pet, many options allow you to connect a smart key to your pet’s collar that unlocks when it encounters a smart pet door, which you can install on your doors.


Investing in a smart lock system helps you take advantage of multiple security and convenience benefits, and relieves you of the pain of dealing with a lost or stolen key. Additionally, you can provide your friends, family and caregivers access to your house if you cannot physically be there. Of course, you can create access for specific time ranges and monitor all activity that occurs.

hands free

Alternatively, if your hands are full of groceries, a smart lock makes the process run much more smoothly.


A smart lock lets you, and whoever you grant permission to, access doors through a variety of options. You can either use an app on your phone, hold your device near a lock to unlock a door, or use voice activation. If your phone runs out of battery, you can use a touchpad to unlock it.


A smart lock also doubles as a smart access control system. It records activity into a log to tell you when which door was opened. It can even simply show if you remembered to lock the door when you have already gotten into bed at night.

If your system is based on proximity, you can use Bluetooth to operate it. Bluetooth options typically have a limited range of 300 feet, but need to be charged less frequently. Bluetooth-based systems are preferable for situations in which you want your door to lock or unlock from a certain distance. In the event that you are traveling, you can even establish temporary users to watch over your home. You can still rest assured by having text alerts sent to your mobile phone when someone enters your house.

Other systems are connected through a hub, which is placed within a few hundred feet of the smart lock that connects your device and your locks. Home automation hubs are created to accommodate multiple devices, even if they are not from the same manufacturer. With hubs, you can control all your devices via Wi-Fi, through a single app. Wi-Fi based systems allow you to connect to your locks anywhere in the world where Internet is available.

Smart locks are perfect for monitoring who is in your home and their point of entry.

Tip #1:

Take advantage of proximity

Eliminate the risk of human error by setting up proximity features, for example, securely locking all doors every time you and all other home occupants are away from home. On the other hand, you can also set up your system so that when you are a certain distance from your home, you can unlock your door.

Tip #2:

Use your touchscreen keypad as a backup, not a priority

Fingerprints on your touchscreen pad may give away your passwords. If you do frequently use your touchscreen keypad, be sure to clean the screen regularly. Alternatives such as using voice activation are often more secure options.

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