Smart Home Intercom Systems

An upgrade from the traditional intercom system, a smart intercom system offers dramatically more features and allows you to communicate with your family through voice activated devices without having to do anything else. There are a variety of helpful convenience and entertainment options that can come with your intercom system, so that you can connect several rooms within your home.

& Options

Use the video chat feature to talk to someone in another room, or someone outside of your front door, such as a deliveryman or the mailman.

Set up your own entertainment by syncing your music to play through intercoms around your house. You can even send videos around your home through a smart intercom system.

A smart intercom system makes your life more convenient because you no longer need to physically go to every room to complete tasks. When you are occupied at the stove, you can call your family members to the dinner table hands free. You also can communicate with incoming guests when in your backyard.

And of course, it serves the fundamental security purpose of talking with strangers outside of your house without having to open the front door.

Some might be concerned about privacy issues related to smart intercoms, but many programs store data solely within your home network, not through the internet or a cloud.

Tip #1:

Determine the features you want
ahead of time

With so many features available for smart intercom systems, be sure not to bite off more than you can chew. Some features, such as a resident directory or a virtual key, are not necessary for everyone. Get the most out of your money’s worth by carefully considering each feature and investing in higher quality features that matter most to you.

Tip #2:

Take advantage of voice control

With voice control, you can typically turn on your intercom system and control every feature. This ability is particularly helpful for scenarios when your hands are not free, such as in the kitchen, or when you are cleaning or doing laundry.

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