Smart Home Door Sensors

Door sensors serve a significant security benefit by detecting unusual and unexpected events that may occur around and inside your home. By tracking every day movements, the system can establish patterns and develop trends by analyzing when someone enters a room.

How they work

cloud data

By logging data through the cloud, the sensor determines normal patterns within your home. It sends alerts to your and/or your family members’ phones when abnormalities are detected. And if preferred, it can indicate whenever a door is opened.


These sensors are easily placed on doors or door hinges, detecting the movement of a door when it opens or closes.


About two-thirds of home break-ins occur because of an open door or window, so investing in door sensors can help you ward off burglars. Additionally, being able to monitor when your garage door is open is important, because the doors inside the garage leading into the house tend to be less secure than others.

Tip #1:

Identify your riskiest doors

If security is your focus, identifying the riskiest doors helps you prioritize which doors to place sensors on first. To make the sensor system more efficient, you can adjust the notification and sensitivity settings for different doors, such as the back door, bedroom door or garage door.
Door sensors are available to those with a smaller budget, so that you can try out a few before you decide to invest in several.

Additionally, houses with sliding glass doors are quite vulnerable, even when locked. Most sliding glass doors do not come with a deadbolt lock, so having a door sensor in place alerts you of unwelcome visitors who may try to exploit your glass door.

Tip #2:

Do not be afraid to put
sensors on all your doors.

If you have done your research and want to ensure complete safety of your doors, go all in. The sensors are easy to set up, so it does not take too much time. You can also set them up on a unified system. To keep an eye on your kids, pets or even new visitors, put these sensors on windows, safes, liquor cabinets and drawers.

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